Join IEEE International

To become a member of UCSD IEEE, students are required to be members of IEEE International that requires an annual fee of $32. While membership is not necessarily required to participate in many of our events, there are various benefits that are not available for non-members. Membership is required to:

    • participate in our Micromouse, Roboget_involved_robomagellanmagellan, and Grand PrIEEE projects
    • participate in our technical events for free (non-members will be required to pay a fee)
    • become a staff member
    • become an officer

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Receive updates regarding our upcoming events by joining our Facebook Page.

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Become a Staff Member

Interested in becoming more involved in UCSD IEEE, yet hesitant to run for an officer position or join a project? By joining our staff group, students have the opportunity to see the behind-the-scenes steps it takes to run the organization while taking advantage of the various benefits. E-mail our Vice President External for more information.

Apply for an Officer Position

UCSD IEEE has an officer's core made up of 19 students of various backgrounds and interests, yet committed to the mission of "engineering excellence." Officer elections occur every year and with many of our officers graduating, there are always open positions to consider.