Grand PrIEEE Competition

Ready, Set, Go!

Welcome to the Grand PrIEEE homepage! Here you can find resources and register for the annual Grand PrIEEE competition hosted by IEEE at UC San Diego.


Grand PrIEEE was founded by students for students. Its continuing purpose is to further challenge engineering students to learn and gain knowledge beyond their coursework. The first competition began 7 years ago under the name “Viacar” and at the time only a few teams competed. During 2014, attendance grew considerably and the competition was renamed “Grand PrIEEE”. Its popularity spread as students continued looking for extracurricular challenges and by 2016 the Grand PrIEEE competition hosted over 25 teams from many universities across the west coast. Past teams that have competed came from schools including UCSD, UCLA, UCB, UCD, UCSB, CSU Fullerton and CSU Long Beach.

It should be noted that our teams at UC San Diego have a particularly long lasting friendship with the teams from UC Davis. Since before Grand PrIEEE, UC San Diego students have been competing and collaborating with UC Davis students at their own similar competition called Natcar. In fact, Grand PrIEEE began from our students’ admiration for Natcar at UC Davis. Today many who compete in Natcar also choose to compete in Grand PrIEEE and together the two competitions maintain a common community of passionate engineering students.

Competition and Registration

The upcoming Grand PrIEEE competition will be held on Sunday, May 7th, 2017. Please note that this is an RSVP only event, make sure to fill out the form up to one week before the event.

To participate in the competition, please register here:

CORRECTION: Admission to this event will be open to the general public. Attending team members are required to RSVP up to one week prior to the event. Stay tuned for the release of the RSVP form on April 30th.

Rules and Preparation

The challenge is to compete to design and build the fastest autonomous vehicle that can follow a track marked by a one-inch wide white tape over a wire carrying a 100mA rms @ 75kHz sinusoidal current. The fastest lap time wins. In the past, winning teams have reached speeds exceeding 10 ft/sec. Vehicles are often constructed from 1/12th or 1/10th scale kits. Students will need to design analog circuitry for high currents and fine tune control algorithms to optimize track navigation at speeds over 10m/s. Over the past few years teams have begun using cameras instead of RLC resonance circuits to detect the tape track so the project requires machine vision techniques to be successful.

For more info, please see the Rules section here:


Our Grand PrIEEE competition is a weekend event that consistently attracts top student engineers from across the west coast. Most of these students are also university and community leaders, upcoming researchers, and passionate learners that ultimately drive our developing technical world. As a sponsor of the Grand PrIEEE competition you will gain direct access to this talented community by having a clear presence at the competition. This is a fantastic opportunity for product visibility and company recruitment! As an alternative, we invite you to visit the IEEE at UC San Diego sponsorship page and explore the many ways to gain value for your company while contributing to our educational community!

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