California Micromouse Competition

Ready, Set, Go!

Welcome to the California Micromouse (CAMM) homepage! Here you can find resources and register for the annual California Micromouse competition hosted by IEEE at UC San Diego.


Micromouse was started in the late 70s and has since been an internationally known event that specializes in building autonomous robotic “mice”. Here at UCSD, the Micromouse project began 11 years ago. Since its debut, Micromouse has consistently been our largest and most celebrated project. To meet popular demand, we’ve established and hosted our own competition since 2011 called the California Micromouse Competition (CAMM), which also attracts multiple guest schools from the west coast. Just last year, our CAMM competition hosted over 15 teams from many universities across the west coast. Past teams that have competed came from schools including UCSD, UCLA, UCR, UCSC, UCD, CSU Fullerton, and CSU Long Beach.

Today, Micromouse stands as a popular event because it incorporates a wide variety of skills including PCB and circuit design, surface mount device (SMD) soldering, mechanical design, and embedded systems programming. The project’s continuing purpose is to further challenge engineering students to gain valuable hands on experience and push beyond their coursework. As students participate in these projects, they gain valuable interdisciplinary skills that can be translated to talent in the workforce.

Competition and Registration

The upcoming Micromouse competition will be held on Sunday, May 21st, 2017. Please note that this is an RSVP only event, make sure to fill out the form up to one week before the event.

To participate in the competition, please register here:

Rules and Preparation

The challenge is to fully design and build an autonomous mouse that can solve a 16 by 16 cell maze, where the start is at one of the predefined corners, and the end is the four center squares. The fastest run to solve the maze wins. For mice that do not reach the center square, scoring will then be based on the maximum number of unique cells that the mouse traveled in a unique run. Students will usually design a PCB with selected components and sensors including encoders, IR sensors and gyroscopes. In addition, students will program the mouse using certain algorithms that enable the mouse to explore the maze and map the fastest route to the center.

For more info, please see the Rules section here:


Our Micromouse competition is a weekend event that consistently attracts top student engineers from across the west coast. Most of these students are also university and community leaders, upcoming researchers, and passionate learners that ultimately drive our developing technical world. As a sponsor of the Micromouse competition you will gain direct access to this talented community by having a clear presence at the competition. This is a fantastic opportunity for product visibility and company recruitment!

As an alternative, we invite you to visit the IEEE at UC San Diego sponsorship page and explore the many ways to gain value for your company while contributing to our educational community!

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