Officer Application Winter 2017

Please answer the questions in this application and send this document and your resume to ieee.ucsd [at] by January 25th, 2017. You will be notified via email if you are selected for an interview which will take place on February 3rd, 2017.

Please name your documents as below:

    • [FirstName]_[LastName]_OfficerApplication.pdf
    • [FirstName]_[LastName]_Resume.pdf
Description of Open Positions

Project Space Chair

The Project Space Chair is responsible for maintaining the IEEE Project Space (EBU1-4710) as both a storage place and workplace that is secure, safe, and accisble to all UCSD IEEE Members. First and foremost, the Project Space Chair must maintain communication with the ECE Department to ensure that any use of the space meets the department approval, this includes collaborating with the ECE Department to appropriately refurnish EBU1-4710 during Winter Quarter 2016-2017. The remaining particular duties of the Project Space Chair can be broken into 3 categories: Security, Safety, and Accessibility. In adidition, the Project Space Chair must work with other officers to promote a lively workplace even for students not participating in IEEE projects.

Outreach Chair

The Outreach Chair will be in charge of planning and execute educational outreach events for k-12 students.

Officer Application

Your officer application should consist of the following:

    • Name
    • Email
    • Phone
    • Year
    • Major
    • Expected Graduation Year

Please also include a short response to the following prompts (1 paragraph):

    • What position(s) are you interested in? Please list and number in order of preference.
    • Describe your previous contributions to UCSD IEEE including events you have participated in or have planned.
    • How do you hope to contribute to IEEE in the next year including improvements, new approaches, etc.?
    • About how many hour sper week would you have able to realistically spend on IEEE activities? What other activities are you involved in besides school (e.g. work, internship, orgs, volunteering, projects, etc.)