Blinky for ARMMite Pro with WinARM


Here is blinky for the LPC2103. I am using the Coridium ARMMite Pro and the WinARM toolchain on Windows Vista. The chip has the Philips Serial bootloader installed. I program the chip over USB using the LPC2000 Flash ISP utility. I use the SparkFun USB to serial FTDI board. The program uses timer0 to generate an interrupt at a constant frequency. The state of the LED is toggled in the interrupt routine.

I am posting this because I was dumb enough to buy the $80 ARMMite pro development kit. I thought it would be nice to have gcc pre-configured for me, but the Coridium software was so bad I had to start from scratch with WinARM. THE CORIDIUM SOFTWARE IS SH!T! DON'T BUY THE DEVEL KIT. The board is nice though, just buy the $30 board and the $13 FTDI board from Sparkfun and you're golden.

Here is the code. To get up and running, install WinARM and add C:/WinARM/bin and C:/WinARM/utils/bin to your path. Download all the files into a directory. Open a command prompt and cd into the directory, then do 'make program'. The code will be compiled and loaded onto your ARMMite. With any luck, you'll see the LED flash at 10Hz.

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