Christopher Ellis

crellis [at] | Electrical Engineering B.S.

Why IEEE: I joined IEEE during my second year in community college. I joined because a friend told me it's good for networking. Less than a month after joining I attended a local IEEE fellows night dinner in Syracuse, NY where I met my future manager and fellow IEEE EXCOM members. Their passions and encouragement convinced me to start my own IEEE branch at my community college and I've been devoted to IEEE ever since then.

Passions: IEEE, power engineer, control systems, space, systems engineering, and engineering leadership. I also enjoy video games, tennis, and food!

Vice President Internal

Cynthia Huang

cch003 [at] | Electrical Engineering B.S.

Why IEEE: Coming in as a Freshman I knew nothing about Electrical Engineering nor how I can succeed. However, the IEEE family encouraged and helped me through my struggles. Not only were officers and staff members my resources to learn more, they also became my close friends. These are reasons I want to become an IEEE officer, to give back and continue to add more members to our big family.

Passions: My passion is to make and destroy stuff.

Vice President External

Will Chen

yuc143 [at] | Electrical Engineering B.S.

Why IEEE: I joined as a staff member in my freshman year and I enjoyed working with the officers. Now I'm a senior and have gain some experience. I would love to give back to the ECE community at UCSD.

Passions: Technology, Image Processing, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Education, Science.

Projects Manager

Alec Guthrie

aguthrie [at] | Applied Mathematics B.S.

Why IEEE: I applied as an IEEE officer in order to provide students with the resources and opportunities necessary to establish professional skills beyond the classroom.

Passions: I enjoy being with friends, chasing new experiences, and building my character. Originally being from Seattle, WA my favorite past times include programming, bicycling, and singing.


Alexander Yu

alexanderyu31 [at] | Electrical Engineering B.S.

Why IEEE: I have participated in past projects and events and really like what IEEE offers to students. I have gained a lot of hands-on experience and skills and hope to give back to the community.

Passions: Technology, electronics, photography, music.


Elizabeth Farkas

elizabeth.a.farkas [at] | Computer Engineering B.S.

Why IEEE: IEEE is a community that made me feel more confident in my major and my abilities by introducing me to students with similar interests and teaching me skills relevant to my studies.

Passions: Tennis. Acapella with the Treble Singers at UCSD. Hiking. Going to concerts. Petting dogs.

Micromouse Chair

Matthew Yu

matthewyu [at] | Computer Engineering B.S.

Why IEEE: IEEE has been a great part of my academic career since freshmen year. Having been on Micromouse last year, I see the power in working with other talented people on technically challenging things. Now it's my turn to give back to the community and provide others the valuable resources and opportunities I had received.

Passions: To show that engineering is more than just studying from textbooks and taking exams. It's about empowering others to come together, create new ideas and change the world.

Grand PrIEEE Chair

Ihab Salameh

isalameh [at] | Electrical Engineering B.S.

Why IEEE: As an Electrical Engineering student, IEEE provided me the opportunity to advance my technical and professional skills outside of the classroom. When I transferred into UCSD, my first multidisciplinary robotic project was organized and sponsored by IEEE, namely Grand PrIEEE. I was fortunate to lead a diverse team for two consecutive years, as well as being able to attend several workshops that really helped me build my resume; and I have learned a lot from those experiences! I would like to utilize that knowledge in helping future student teams succeed.

Passions: I love surfing, cycling, running and building cool, smart robots! I'm very passionate about the development of autonomous vehicles such as self driving cars, and drones that can facilitate scientific research. My favorite topics are control systems, power electronics, systems engineering, and engineering leadership.

Quarterly Project Chair

Stazia Tronboll

stazia.phoenix [at] | Computer Engineering B.S.

Why IEEE: Project management experience. Also, I like to teach, so QP sounded like a good chance to develop lessons and my own design skills.

Passions: Dance, bioelectronics, software engineering, philosophy

Professional Chair

Hamna Khan

hamnakhan100 [at] | Electrical Engineering B.S.

Why IEEE: I chose to be an IEEE officer so that I could take charge in aiding engineering students develop new skills, or improve on the ones they already have through the events IEEE hosts.

Passions: I'm passionate about health and fitness. I also love empowering young girls and women to pursue fields in STEM.

Outreach Chair

David Tu

dctu [at] | Computer Engineering B.S.

Why IEEE: I chose to become an IEEE Officer in order to help display the passion I have for STEM to others. By taking on the responsibility to be involved, I am further motivated to not only to participate in more engineering projects, but also to spread the excitement and joy of engineering especially to those who show interest and passion but cannot deepen their commitment due to external forces.

Passions: While I have a strong interest in robotics (whether it be with the software or electronics), I am passionate about learning more and helping others. I love tutoring and making others' lives a little bit more enjoyable. I like to research new scientific topics and read articles about automated technology.

Social Chair

Monica Hung

myhung [at] | Computer Engineering B.S.

Why IEEE: I wanted to be more involved in the engineering community and be able to contribute in ways that are far reaching.

Passions: I love tutoring students. I love it so much that it's my job. I also really believe in balance so I love to swim whenever I get the chance and hike in spectacular places.

Technical Chair

Thomas Ren

junruren [at] | Computer Engineering B.S.

Why IEEE: I was helped by IEEE officers when I was a freshman. Now it's my turn to give to the community and share my passion!

Passions: Engineering with heart.

Technical Chair

Philip Wilson

pbwilson [at] | Electrical Engineering B.S.

Why IEEE: After working on electrical systems for ten years in the Air Force, I want to utilize my experience to help develop the next generation while further developing my own skills in cutting edge technologies.

Passions: Skiing, SCUBA diving, mountain biking, surfing, hiking, camping, but mostly spending time with my wife and daughter.

Public Relations

Brian Shin

brian6813 [at] | Electrical Engineering B.S.

Why IEEE: I've been passionate towards IEEE with amazing projects and events that can help students grow and have hands-on experience. I wanted to utilize my skills to show others how passionate we are towards engineering and how exciting we can get with our projects and events.

Passions: My passion is to show everyone the true images of engineers. Some people think engineers are all about making new things but we are more than that and I want everyone to know who we are and what we actually do.

Public Relations

Lucas Hsu

lucas.s.hsu [at] | Computer Science B.S.

Why IEEE: I want to contribute to IEEE.

Passions: Running, watching movies.


Ian Schroeder

icschroeder [at] | Computer Science B.S.

Why IEEE: Having participated in F.I.R.S.T. robotics back in middle school and high school, I have come to developed a passion for problem solving and collaboration. IEEE allows me to share that passion with others and to make a difference in their lives by collaborating on projects, having conversations about the problems of our day and making connections along the way. As webmaster and as a member of IEEE for the last three years, I have been given the opportunity to expand my portfolio in ways that illustrate my technical skills while allowing me to give back to the community.

Passions: Robotics, computer security, game design, web development and automation. I also enjoy video games with friends and working on side projects in my spare time.